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Third Millennium

Awareness Science 

Now recruiting executives, educators and counselors...


Io – Third Millennium Awareness Science introduces a new technology for achieving permanent higher states of awareness. This technology, called cognitive engineering, combines new discoveries in cognitive science with the latest breakthroughs in genetic engineering to achieve expanded states of consciousness.

Science and neuroscience are making landmark discoveries at a rate unknown in our lifetime or across history.  The human race is at the threshold of a Genetic Age.  The latest advances in genetic engineering are being compared to the steam engine, which spawned the Industrial Revolution, and the transistor, which gave rise to the Information Age.

Disruptive Technology
Genetically-engineered higher states of being will be stable, sustainable, and significantly more pronounced than any state delivered by personal transformation programs so far.  This breakthrough will redirect capital flow out of older self-improvement technologies into newer cognitive engineering solutions.   


Now Recruiting
Many former executives of legacy self-improvement programs are well qualified for leadership roles in this new science.  These leaders have demonstrated commendable values in taking direct personal action to advance humanity’s conscious evolution.  The great promise of cognitive engineering can rekindle their passion for serving humanity, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their strength of character in a progressive, new environment.

Apply Now

Join the vanguard of dynamic visionaries at the forefront of this exciting new technology and prepare to harness its transformative power to change your life.  Apply now for leadership openings in Io, the Third Millennium Awareness Science.



Managers, educators and counselors with former experience from a variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply, including  Transcendental Meditation, Art of Living, Centers of Light, Science of Mind, Unity, Course in Miracles, Eckankar, Scientology, Urantia, Self-Realization Fellowship, Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Integral Psychology.

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