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Cognitive Engineering
Third Millennium Awareness Science
Hardcover scientific textbook
Large 8" X 10" format, weight 2 lbs.
J.L. Mee, 2020

304 pages, 154 color illustrations
High-resolution premium color graphics

The development of genetic cognitive upgrades represents a turning point in the history of human civilization.  Cognitive Engineering is the first book ever to disclose genetic engineering blueprints for creating a new human genotype with permanently-expanded awareness.  The discovery of how to optimize human neurology to enrich cognitive ability has the power to shape the course of history.

Drawing on India’s wisdom traditions as well as the work of modern consciousness pioneers such as Dr. Dean Radin, Cognitive Engineering unravels the mystery of how non-local consciousness interfaces to physical neurology.  The book introduces the world’s first mathematics of consciousness – cognitive physics – which expresses the fundamental laws of awareness and its relationship with physical neurology in quantitative terms using scientific equations.   Its axioms and formulas reveal cardinal laws governing the dynamic interplay between awareness and the material universe. These laws are conclusively validated by scientific experiments. 

Widespread application of this technology can enrich humanity’s cognitive potential, opening the way to a golden age of wisdom, and fostering accelerated progress in the arts and sciences.  The opportunity to lift the human race into universal self-awareness represents a defining moment in the progress of human civilization

CE-3M book 3D-web.png

This original edition manuscript is being made available to select individuals by invitation only. It is not in the public domain.  

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