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The Medici Society

The Medici Society offers a rare opportunity for a coterie of exemplary families to distinguish themselves with a radiant social legacy which can endure for centuries. 


The Society provides an extraordinary vehicle for enlightened, noble-minded families to accelerate human conscious evolution.


Moving the human race forward to higher levels requires transforming the underling fabric of consciousness.  Medici Society members energize this process by introducing a dynamic game-changer for human society –  the mathematics of consciousness itself.  The 26 axioms, laws and formulas in this discipline form a new branch of science called cognitive physics.  Read news story.


To recognize their contributions to human conscious evolution, each Medici Society family is granted naming rights to one of the laws of cognitive physics.   Of the 26 laws, only 5 are unnamed;  hence, membership is limited to 5 families.  View laws

Member donations support scientific research to develop breakthrough technologies for human cognitive enhancement to achieve permanent higher states of awareness.  The Society initiation fee is USD 1M.

Cosimo de Medici

Grand Duke of Tuscany

The Society is named after Galileo’s benefactor, Cosimo de Medici, who sparked the Italian renaissance in Florence.  To honor his patron, Galileo dedicated his discovery of the four largest moons of Jupiter – Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto – to the Medici family.  Collectively, they are known as the Medician Stars.


By affixing their family names to new laws of science, today’s Medici Society members will etch their legacies into history, much like the Medici family’s legacy is written in the heavens.   (Having one's family crest on a public building is all very fine, but buildings rise and fall.  Like Jupiter's moons, a law of science is forever.)


Cosimo’s support of Galileo not only secured his family’s place in history, it also set a good example of philanthropy for his children.  Cosimo’s son, Lorenzo, went on to become the primary benefactor of a promising young artist, Michelangelo.

The Moons of Jupiter

Cognitive Physics

Cognitive physics expresses the fundamental laws of awareness and its relationship with physical neurology in quantitative terms using scientific equations.  Its axioms and formulas define the primary states of awareness and its behavior, locality, mobility, density and periodicity.  They reveal cardinal laws governing the relationship between consciousness and the physical universe.  

Cognitive Engineering

Cognitive Engineering

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In the 20th Century, the West embraced Eastern wisdom traditions, including yoga and meditation, to realize mindfulness, spiritual awakening and more enlightened states of being.  Today, the central principles of these great traditions have been transformed and extended into a groundbreaking 21st Century mathematics of consciousness - cognitive physics.

A white paper entitled 
Cognitive Economics outlines the significance of these scientific breakthroughs for you and your family. To receive your copy, simply enter your name and email below.  Include your telephone number if you would like to speak with a member of our staff.

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Attn:     Rita Mee, Co-Founder

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