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Cognitive Genetics Institute

Cognitive Genetics Institute is a research center dedicated to expanding the frontiers of human knowledge in the area of consciousness engineering. 


The Institute is a world leader in pioneering bold initiatives to discover new cognitive sciences and memory technologies which provide humanity with greater understanding of the behavior of awareness.  The Institute’s principals have produced a large body of groundbreaking research in these fields since 2002. 


The research has identified emerging scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs which can have an overarching effect on the global expansion of wisdom.  The goal of this research is to help forward-thinking leaders understand how to leverage these new technologies to enrich humanity's cognitive capital around the world.  Our founders and staff draw upon the Institute’s international network of senior advisors in the scientific, business and academic fields.


The Institute is a non-profit organization and its research is not commissioned by any business, government, or other institution.  For further information, please contact us.

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